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A listing of firearms manufactured by the Canadian H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company of Coburg, Ontario. The table includes firearms made both before and after Olin's acquisition of Cooey in 1961.

Firearms manufactured prior to 1961 can be easily identified as such due to their being stamped "H.W. Cooey Machine & Arms Co., Coburg Ontario" whereas post-61 models will be stamped "Winchester-Western (Canada) Ltd." or "Winchester-Cooey."

Please note that this list it not complete, as Cooey is known to have produced at least 67 different models of firearms under their own brand[1]

Rifles Shotguns
Pre-1961 rifles[2] Post-1961 rifles Pre-1961 shotguns Post-1961 shotguns

[edit] Notes

  1. John A. Belton, "Cooey firearms made in Canada, 1919-1979," 1992, Museum Restoration Service (Alexandria Bay, N.Y, Bloomfield, Ont)
  2. Several unnumbered single shot and repeating sporter rifles were also produced before 1961.
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