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News for Gunsopedia and Gun Owners' Resource, along with newsfeeds from the firearms and ammunition industries, other pro-RKBA sites and organizations.

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[edit] National Rifle Association

Most Americans know that owning a gun is an essential part of our freedom

An overwhelming majority of Americans view gun ownership as essential to their freedom. This is what a recent Pew Research poll discovered in a deep dive into the complex relationship Americans have with guns.

Washington: Self-defense options expand in Tacoma after repeal of rare ban

Tacoma has dropped its ban on stun guns, like Tasers, meaning people can now legally buy, sell, carry, manufacture and own them within city limits.The City Council voted to repeal the ban on Tuesday.

More educators taking gun training classes

Nearly a third of the country, a total of 18 states, allows adults to carry a loaded gun on school grounds, with certain permissions. But ever since the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012, in which 20 children and six adults were shot dead, some states have pushed for safety training initiatives for teachers to learn how to properly fire a weapon and prevent any threats to the classroom.

Pennsylvania: School Carry Bill Passes Senate with Weakening Amendment

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania the State Senate passed an amended version of Senate Bill 383 with a 28-22 vote.

Rhode Island: Immediate Action Required on Gun Control Bill

Anti-gun groups are bombarding Senators with text messages, emails and phone calls, urging them to support H.5510a/S.405.

[edit] Gun Owners' Resource

The New Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle III 9mm

<![CDATA[Magnum Research, owned by Kahr Arms, imports IWI’s Baby Desert Eagle. The gun is no lightweight, hitting the scale at 38.6 ounces (unloaded). Out of the box, it feels a bit heavy, but it is a stout pistol that gives the immediate impression that it won’t break when the going gets tough.]]>

Canadian Sniper’s Record Shot

<![CDATA[And I thought Rob Furlong was impressive.  This guy apparently scored a kill from a range of 3,540 metres!  For those of you who can't be bothered with the math, just over two miles away.]]>

Meet the Frankenregistry

<![CDATA[The Grits, along with their accomplices in the RCMP, violated the law by keeping data they had no business having at all. Now they want to make sure they can keep ignoring the law by creating so many copies of the data that hunting them all down would be damned near impossible.]]>

The gun registry still exists, despite a vote to destroy it

<![CDATA[Why would Deputy Commissioner Henschel testify before Parliament that the registry records had been destroyed when his department was sitting on a hard drive with the data he claimed was deleted? The public was lied to by politicians and the Mounties, now they are owed some honest answers.]]>

RCMP Duplicity Keeps Quebec Gun Registry Data Alive

<![CDATA[There was a time not so long ago, easily within living memory, when the RCMP were people we could (and should, even) look up to. But now? Recent events have shown clearly that you can't trust them as far as you can throw them. A sad state of affairs for a once-storied institution.]]>
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