Cooey model 82

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Cooey model 82
Cooey model 82.jpg
Rifle, Cooey Pattern, .22"

Type Training rifle
Land of Origin Canada
Length 43.5"
Barrel length 26.75"
Weight 6 lbs
Cartridge .22 short, long & long rifle
Action bolt-action
Trigger pull 4.5 lbs
Rifling/Twist 8 grooves, 1:16 RH twist

Muzzle velocity 850-1700 fps, depending on cartridge
Effective Range 200 yds
Feed single-shot
Sights iron sights
Service History
In service 1940-1980s (various Canadian Cadet Corps)
Used by Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Air Force Cadets
Production History
Designer H. W. Cooey Machine and Arms Company
Design Date 1940
Manufacturer Cooey
Unit Cost $13.80 CAD (in 1942)
Produced 1940-1944
No. Built 34,810

The Cooey Model 82 was a single shot bolt-action .22 caliber target rifle intended for use in training Canadian Army and RCAF cadets during WWII. A number of variations exist but, generally, the rifle is 44 inches long with a 27" ordinance steel barrel. Weight is generally 6.5 lbs however this can be adjusted by changing a steel rod located in the forearm under the barrel. In 1942, the Canadian government placed an order for 34,810 rifles at a cost of CAD$13.80 per unit; the Canadian Army Service Bulletin dated April 20, 1943 identified them as "Rifles, Cooey Pattern. .22 in. Instruction No. 1."

Large quantities later became available to the civilian market after the war as military surplus. In the late 1940s, Hallum's Sporting Goods of Toronto and International Firearms in Montreal were offering the "musket type" at CAD$9.95 each (about $110 in 2011 dollars). A contemporary advertisement to the retail market states, "A Military Model .22 caliber especially designed for Class 2 [shooting] clubs. Adaptable for drilling purposes, target shooting, Home Guard and Cadet training."

Well regarded for its durability and reliability, particularly in the harsh environment of the Canadian winter, a Model 82 in good-to-excellent condition can fetch as high as $300-$400.

Unlike other Cooey rifles of the period, all Model 82's are marked with a National Stock Number found on the base of the grip. Front sights were usually a hooded post or hooded blade type while the rear sight could be either a blade and ramp style similar to that found on other Cooey rifles or the receiver was drilled to accept a peep sight or scope mount. The action is the same design as other Cooey single shot .22's and this rifles can shoot all .22 cal ammunition.

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