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In 1892:

[edit] January

  • The Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Metford Mark I*, a conversion of the original Mark I was adopted into service by the British Army. The sights were changed from the "Lewes" and "Welsh" pattern to the barleycorn front and v-notched rear sight.

[edit] February

[edit] March

[edit] April

  • After only 3 months, the Brits dumped the Lee Metford Mk I* for the MK II; it was the first to be fitted with the ten round magazine. The bolt was modified and the outside contour of the barrel was changed. A half length cleaning rod was fitted and the brass marking disk on the buttstock was omitted.

[edit] May

  • May 19 — Battle of Yemoja River: British troops defeat Ijebu infantry in modern-day Nigeria, using a single maxim gun.

[edit] October

  • October 5 — The infamous Dalton Gang, attempting to rob 2 banks in Coffeyville, Kansas, are gunned down by armed townspeople; only Emmett Dalton, with 23 wounds, survives, to spend 14 years in prison.

[edit] The year in pictures

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